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What do I need to do to register?

Inside of our brochure is a registration form. You need to fill out the registration form completely and mail the form along with payment to the registrar. If paying by credit card (Visa or MasterCard) they can faxed or e-mailed to the contact information provided in the brochure.

Where can I get an AZBO brochure?

The brochure is currently available for down load on the AZBO website Home Page.

Can I fax in my registration to the registrar and then mail the payment in separately?

Fax registration forms will be considered if payment is being made by credit card. Include all information required on Registration Form. If paying by check or money order, faxed registrations will not be confirmed until payment is received. Payment must be received with your registration form.

What forms of payment does AZBO accept?

Payment can be in the form of a personal check, business check, cashier's check, credit card (Visa or MasterCard) or money order. Please do not send cash in the mail. AZBO cannot accept purchase orders at this time. Checks are to be made out to "AZBO".

What is AZBO's Taxpayer Identification Number?

The Taxpayer Identification Number is published in the brochure. For your convenience, the number is I. R. S. EIN #86-0959941.

Will I receive confirmation that I am registered?

Confirmation letters are e-mailed shortly after being processed.

Can I register for only one day of a two-day class?

No. When registering for a two-day class, both days must be included in your registration and the full fee for both days paid to be registered in the class.

What courses can I take to renew my ICC certification?

Classes are for educational purposes, not for direct renewal of certifications. ICC CEU’s (which are needed for recertification) will be issued at the completion of each class. Please check current ICC policy regarding certification renewal requirements before taking any educational classes, if this is a prerequisite for taking a class. Due to the fact that all institute classes are being sponsored and provided by the three ICC Building Code Chapters, though the Arizona Building Officials (AZBO). ICC recognizes that institute class hours qualify for ICC re-certification. It is your responsibility to make sure that classes taken will meet your needs, for the specific certification that you have and are seeking re-certification for.

If I need to cancel my registration, whom do I notify? Can I receive my money back?

To receive a refund, a written request for cancellation must be received by email or mail postmarked no later than the date published in the AZBO brochure for cancellation acceptance. After this date, fees will not be refunded.

I sent in my registration along with payment, however it was postmarked after the early registration deadline and therefore I owe an additional payment. When does payment have to be received?

Payment of additional fees can be by email, Visa, MasterCard, or at the door. However, the balance of the payment must be received prior to attending the class. If the payment is made at the door, then it can be made in the form of a personal check, business check, cashier's check, money order, Visa, MasterCard or cash. Please do not sent cash in the mail. AZBO cannot accept purchase orders at this time. Checks are to be made out to "AZBO".

I will not be able to attend the class I registered for, however I know of someone that would like to take the class in my place. Can we make such a substitute?

Yes, substitution of individuals is allowed. Please give us as much advance notice as you possibly can. We can make such a substitution up to the morning of the class. However, midday substitutions, or for two-day classes a substitution on the second day is not allowed.

I am registered to take a class, however I want to take a different class than the one I am currently registered to take. Can I substitute taking a different class on the same day? Can I substitute taking a different class on a different day? Can I make such a change after the registration deadline? Can I make such a change on the day of the class?

Yes, such substitutions are possible, provided there is room in the class and enough handout materials are available. Again, the sooner such decisions are made the greater the likelihood that a substitution can be made.

Can I get directions to the Institute?

Directions to the facility are on the cover page of the brochure. Please use MapQuest (or equivalent) for directions from your area.

When is the Institute?

The dates of any specific institute are listed in the AZBO brochure for that specific institute. The AZBO brochure is currently available for down load on the AZBO website Home Page. AZBO sponsors an educational institute in both the Spring and Fall each year.

What is the cost to take a class?

The AZBO brochure and registration form lists the cost per day for the specific institute. All classes are the same cost per day and each class is a full day of instruction. The cost includes all handout materials, break refreshments, and lunch. Registration does not include overnight accommodations, travel, or other meals.

Are Vendor Booths and Sponsorships for breaks and lunch available?

Yes, please Contact Us for information regarding available dates and fees.