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Dear AZBO Members and Sponsors,

I am Don Brown, and I am currently the Vice-Chairman for AZBO. I will become the Chairman in July at the AZBO ABM in Prescott (July 18th,19th &20th). We will be providing details on the ABM shortly after the AZBO Spring institute is completed.

As an introduction, I will explain some things about AZBO and provide a summary of who I am.

AZBO is made up of four ICC Chapters in Arizona. The Grand Canyon Chapter, the Central Arizona Chapter, the Southern Arizona Chapter, and the State Chapter. The State Chapter oversees the training institutes, the ABM and provides general direction for AZBO. The State Board is made up of three members from each Chapter, so all Chapters are equally represented.



I am currently employed by the City of Phoenix as a Team Leader over the Annual Facilities Program (industrial) and the Elevator Inspection Sections. I have been in Code Enforcement for 22 years as an inspector, supervisor and now as a section head. I currently hold 13 code certifications, 10 of which are ICC certifications. I have served on all levels of AZBO at the Chapter level and on the State level. I was previously the AZBO Chairman from 2015-2017. I have been married for 31 years, I have two children and two grandchildren. I highly recommend having grandkids.

I am very honored to be in the position to serve in this role again. I want to encourage you to introduce yourself if you see me at an upcoming AZBO event. I am most interested in how we can make AZBO better and increase participation from our members as volunteers for various committees, boards, and public relation events.

Thank you

Don Brown

AZBO Vice- Chairman


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