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City of Maricopa Plans Examiner/Building Inspector I or II!

Applications Accepted As Of: Jul 9 2021
Date of Closing: Sep 3 2021

The City of Maricopa has a position available for a Plans Examiner/Building Inspector I/II!

  • Examines plans and specifications for single and multi-family dwellings to determine compliance with the provisions of the City's building, mechanical, electrical, energy and plumbing codes, and zoning ordinance.
  • Identifies defects or inadequacies; prepares plan check correction reports and require that corrections be made to meet the requirements of pertinent City codes.
  • Approves plans that comply; approves permits for construction.
  • Examines plans for residential swimming pools, patio covers and decks; accepts plans and issues permits.
  • Inspects structural, electrical, plumbing, and mechanical installations to ensure work substantially complies with City codes, Zoning Ordinance, and other applicable regulations and reviewed plans and specifications.

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