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Applications Accepted As Of: Jan 29 2024
Date of Closing: Sep 30 2024

The Green Building Energy Conservation Specialist is responsible for developing,
implementing, communicating, administering, and reviewing plans for the city’s adopted
building codes and the green and energy codes.
Duties include, but are not limited to the following:

• Examine plans and specifications for residential, commercial, industrial, and multi-
family projects to determine compliance with the provisions of the City’s building,

mechanical, electrical, plumbing, green building codes, fire protection
requirements, accessibility requirements, zoning ordinance, energy modeling
reports, building system commissioning reports and other related technical data.
• Provide technical leadership in whole building energy modeling, outcome-based
codes, energy commissioning and retro commissioning, HVAC systems,
renewable energy, energy storage and electric vehicles.
• Serve as a subject matter expert, advise on a wide range of energy and green
related topics as well as support of the complete permitting process including
general plan review as assigned.
• Support all aspects of the energy and green building program, including program
development, plan review, collaborative inspections, and training to all


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